Dialogia's debut album

Nostrum sonically depicts our protagonist's ordinary human turbulence as he navigates a conundrum of complex conditions during a particularly chaotic age upon the Earth.

Dialogia's debut album unweaves a new collection of ciphers, gathering a disparate cast of musicians to urge you to join us in crossing the threshold of shadows into the ether.

Nostrum entices the listener to traverse skeletal voids into a world that wails, filled with anguished throats, silvery choirs of deceptively innocent song, and the seismic shudders of voices that were never meant to be known.

These exotic surroundings range from serene, disembodied soundscape to a vicious percussive maelstrom, from stagnant shadowy waters to the harsh judgment of breathing stone...but may feel hauntingly familiar to a select niche.

A very limited run of shirts will be printed to celebrate this release.


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